I recently learned about Mustad circle hooks because I am planning to catch angler fish. Circle hooks are commonly used in catching large and heavy fish like angler because of its circular shape. It firmly attaches once the hook caught the fish compared to J hooks, those types of hooks that are shaped like the letter J. I am more familiar with the J hooks and I have not really tried using circle hooks.

If you also want to buy this type of hook, you should first learn some useful facts and information about circle hooks. Mustad is one of the leading manufacturers of fishing hooks and other fishing supplies so be sure to buy yours with this brand. Below is a list of things that you should know about circle hooks by Mustad.

What Do Circle Hooks Look Like?

Circle hooks are a special kind of hook used not only in saltwater fishing but also in freshwater fishing. The hook’s point curves sharply backwards, unlike a J hook that curves as if it is just making a U-turn. Just like its more common counterparts, circle hooks are also available in different sizes, colors, and finishes.

How Mustad Circle Hooks Work

The effectiveness of circle hooks lie in where it penetrates the fish. If you use circle hooks, you will observe that the hook penetrates the side of the fish’s mouth. J hooks penetrate the mouth, gullet, or throat. When the hook penetrates the side of the mouth, it will not let go of the fish no matter how much the fish will struggle. This is why circle hooks are perfect for fishing large and heavy fish like anglers that have a tendency to fight the catcher.

Benefits Of Using Mustad Circle Hooks

Mustad Treble HooksThis special hook does not get easily swallowed by the fish that you are catching. This means that you do not have to worry about buying a new hook after the fish swallowed the one that you are using. This is because the circular shape of the hook makes it more difficult to swallow. How many times have you encountered fish that swallows hooks? I have experienced this several times and each time, I had to buy a new hook to replace the one that I have lost. This means that I already spent a lot of money just replacing missing hooks.

Another benefit of using circle hook is that it does not kill the fish. This is because it only hooks the fish at the side of its mouth. J hooks are sometimes swallowed by the fish, which kills them because the hook damages the internal organs and the gills.

According to study, circle hooks also catch more fish than J hooks. This is also due to the fact the circle hooks are rarely swallowed.


Mustad Treble HooksIt is important to know the features and uses of circle hooks before you buy one for yourself. Mustad circle hooks can give you a fun and exciting fishing experience especially if you decide to catch a large fish that is determined to fight its catcher.