If you are not familiar with Mustad treble hooks or with treble hooks in general, you should start learning more about them because you are going to use them at least once if you are into fishing. Treble hooks are 3 in 1 hooks. It looks like three single J hooks attached to each other to form a single 3 in 1 hook. This may not be a basic hook for beginners but it would not hurt to learn some information about them even if you are just a beginning angler of fishing enthusiast.

I already have different types of hooks from Mustad but I still need to buy a treble hook for myself, which leads me to writing this article. I am researching about treble hooks before I buy one because I want to be absolutely sure about their uses. To help you on this one, you can check out the list of information and details that I have come up with about treble hooks.

Mustad Treble Hooks Are Used In Certain Types Of Fish

If you have been fishing for quite some time now, you already know that different hooks are used for different kinds of fish. For example, if you are targeting fish with hard and bony mouths, you should use a treble hook that has a better chance at penetrating such kind of fish mouth than a single hook. Treble hooks are also ideal for fish that moves and fights a lot when caught. It is more likely to lose fish that does violent head shaking and jumping once caught if you are using a single hook. If you use a treble hook, the fish will remain caught even if it shakes and jumps violently.

When Not To Use Mustad Treble Hooks

Mustad Treble HooksIf you are fishing in dense water structures like rock piles, stumps, weed beds, or docks, you should consider using a single hook because treble hooks have a tendency to get tangled or snagged with weeds or rocks. It is not only time consuming to disentangle your hook and line. It can only cost you money if your hook and line got damaged.

In some competitions, using treble hooks is not allowed. Competitors are usually allowed to use up to double hooks. This is because these fishing competitions want to observe the skills of the angler, not the effectiveness of the hooks that they are using. In catch and release areas where you need to release the fish that you have caught, you have no choice but to use a single hook because a treble hook is illegal.

Removing Treble Hooks From The Fish

Obviously, removing this type of hook from the mouth of the fish is much more difficult than removing a single hook because of its shape. You have to use pliers to be able to remove the hook more quickly and to keep your fingers safe from the sharp points.


Mustad Treble HooksMustad treble hooks have a lot of advantages but it is best to determine whether the situation calls for a treble or single hook and whether it is allowed in the area or not.